Some nights it's not easy or practical to create delicious, from-scratch, nutritious meals for your family to share around the dinner table.   Maybe you could use some extra time to spend enjoying your family?  We have the perfect solution!

  • SAVE TIME: All you do is "TAKE n' BAKE"
  • SAVE MONEY: You don't have to buy all those ingredients
  • ELIMINATE STRESS: leave the grocery lineups behind & let us answer the dreaded "WHAT's FOR DINNER" question.
  • EAT HEALTHIER: We use fresh ingredients, natural raised meat & no preservatives
  • VARIETY: Our menus will introduce your family to more interesting flavors and get you out of the rut of always cooking the same 10 meals
  • CUSTOMIZE: We can make it how you want it

Dinner Factory is a meal assembly (meal prep) store located in St. Albert, Alberta, three minutes Northwest of Edmonton. 

We will do the shopping, chopping, preparation and yes, even the clean up.  In about 2 hours, you can assemble 12 delicious, healthy, ready-to-cook family-sized entrees to be taken home to your fridge or freezer to be cooked at your convenience!  !  An exciting new menu of meals is available every month.

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Live Deliciously!

Getting started

From the top four buttons, check "Calendar" to decide on a time you want to come to the Dinner Factory, check "View Menu" to decide what you want to make, and when you're ready, start at "Login/Register" to book your session!

If you want us to do the assembling, choose "Pick Up" instead of "In Store" once you have "Registered"!

When you register on line, you will be prompted to pay with Visa or Mastercard.  If you would like to pay with Interac or cash, please register by phone (470-3463), or in person at 111, 1 Hebert Road.  Payment will be collected at your session.

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“I liked the shop and the environment and I really enjoyed putting the food together, especially when I took my husband with me, it went faster and was even more enjoyable.  I am so convinced that if more people used places like the Dinner Factory, there would be much healthier families out there.” Z.K.




All Dinner Factory meals assembled by our staff are Guaranteed to be DELICIOUS!  If a meal disappoints you, just bring in the label and we will provide you with a new meal from our ready to go selection as our way of saying thank you for letting us know!

We know that if the food doesn't taste great, then nothing else matters.


EVERYTHING, fresh or frozen, is made or prepared in our store!  All from scratch with no added preservatives, dyes, or other chemicals.

MEATS:  All of your meals are made with meat that is local (within 150 kilometers), naturally-raised (antibiotic and hormone free) and, of course, government inspected.   The best thing of all is that because we are getting fabulously delicious chicken, beef, turkey, pork, alpaca, lamb, etc.  right from the farmers who raise them, there is reduced time spent in travel, less environmental footprint,  and you are getting the freshest meats possible!

NUTRITION:  All of our soya sauce is reduced sodium.  All of our cream cheese is reduced fat.  We offer brown rice and whole wheat bread and pasta as alternatives at most stations.

FOOD ALLERGIES?  That's the beauty of meal assembly - you see and choose exactly what's going into your meals!  We are more than happy to answer your questions about specific ingredient in our recipes.  We also have gluten free alternatives on hand for our many customers with gluten intolerance.


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Dinner Factory
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