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Amazing Apple Pork Medallions & Creamy Dilled Carrots (stovetop)

This sounds ordinary but is far from it! The unique mixture of savoury spices with a mouthwatering sauce make for a delicious meal! These succulent pork tenderloin medallions can be served over rice, and alongside our NEW SIDE: Creamy Dilled Carrots (included)  add a glass of chenin blanc and you'll have a wonderful meal for family or guests! Gluten Free Option (Stovetop)  Kids 3 of 3, Asmb 1 of 3, Home 2 of 3

Chicken and Spinach Enchilada (Oven)

"Fantastic meal! So much spinach...we loved it!" A wonderful combination of chicken cubes, spinach, kernel corn, Monterey jack cheese and sauce is rolled in flour tortillas which are then baked covered in a fabulous tomato, garlic, onion sauce and topped with additional cheese.  Don't count on having any leftovers! Gluten Free Option  Kids 3 of 3, Asmb 2 of 3, Home 1 of 3.

Chicken Parmesan (oven)

BEST SELLER! Boneless, skinless naturally-raised chicken breasts are marinated in an Italian vinaigrette and then covered in a mixture of seasoned bread crumbs, parmesan cheese, paprika, additional spices and baked in a layer of delicious marinara sauce.  You tell us that this is the best Chicken Parmesan you've ever had!  Serve with your choice of regular or whole wheat spaghetti (included) and pair with a glass of Zinfandel.   Kids 3 of 3, Asmb 2 of 3, Home 1 of 3 Gluten Free Option 357 cal; 10g fat; 1434mg sodium; 26g carbs; 1g fibre; 38g protein; 8pts

Dinner Factory's Deliciously  Delicious Lasagna (oven)

Put together fresh lasagna noodles, hearty meat sauce, and mozzarella, ricotta and parmesan cheeses, and what do you get?   Deliciously delicious lasagna!  Even the veggies are taken care of in this lasagna - just add your favorite fresh bread and dig in! (Oven)  Kids 3 of 3, Asmb 3 of 3, Home 1 of 3. Serves 6-8.(for 1/9th) 346 calories, 15g fat, 527mg sodium, 35g carbs, 1g fibre, 19g protein, 8 pts.

Ginger Beef Stirfry (stovetop)

We can't believe how many requests we get for this meal!  Have a great Chinese meal in the comfort of your own home with fabulous crispy ginger beef  Nothing is more addictive than loads of fresh ginger, garlic, and soy sauce flavouring thin strips of beef. This meal comes with Asian egg noodles! We've added fortune cookies just for fun!  (Stovetop) (Gluten Free Option)Kids 3 of 3, Asmb 2 of 3, Home 3 of 3 Gluten Free 429 cal; 13g Fat; 612mg Sodium; 56g Carbs; 1g Fibre; 21g protein; 9 WW pts

Korean Teriyaki Chicken with Maple Syrup (stovetop/oven)...choose chicken breasts or thighs

Sesame seeds, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, and maple syrup combine to make a fantastic sauce for succulent chicken breasts (or choose by indicating in our comment box).  After you sauté  the chicken you can heat up the luscious marinade to serve over the chicken and brown or white rice. IF YOU CHOOSE THIGHS...the meal must be cooked in the oven and requires a longer cooking time. (Stovetop/oven)    Kids 3 of 3, Asmb 1 of 3, Home 2 of 3

Laurie's Gourmet Meat Loaf (Oven)

If you've never liked meatloaf we think this recipe will change your mind! Laurie's flavourful meatloaf is wrapped around a layer of shaved ham and grated mozzarella and then topped with a sweet and spicy glaze.  Serve with Southern Cream style corn or curried cream corn(included).  This meal won a Dinner Factory contest for BEST RECIPE and has remained a favourite of staff! Gluten Free Option Kids 3 of 3, Asmb 3 of 3, Home 2 of 3 545Cal; 40g Protein; 49g Carb, 2g Fibre, 20g Sugar; 20g Fat; 1239mg Sodium

Maple Chicken & Ribs  with Creamy Dilled Carrots (oven)

BEST seller! An even balance of spare ribs and chicken pieces are slow roasted in apple juice and maple syrup.  Sticky and delightful, this meal will become a favourite around your dinner table!  Serve with homemade creamy dill carrots (included)   (Oven)Gluten Free Option  Kids 3 of 3, Asmb 1 of 3, Home 2 of 3293cal/11g fat/187mg sodium/16g carbs/ 0g fibre/32g protein/7WW pts

Mocha Chocolate Frozen Cheesecake (NEW) (order downsize, receive a fullsize)

This summer, a friend served this decadent dessert to us and we were so impressed we have added it to our dessert offers, in anticipation of the desserts you will need for Thanksgiving Dinner! The dessert is rich with a creamy, mocha flavor - very addictive! The best part is that you can keep it in the freezer and have it ready for whenever guests pop over for a visit. NEW   354Cal,6g Protein,21.4g Total fat, 38g Carb, 210g Sodium,1g Dietary fat Kids 3 of 3, Asmb 3 of 3, Home 1 of 3

More Pork Pullease (Slow Cooker)

This pork roast is tender enough to be shredded with a fork! Slow cooked in your crockpot and ready when you get home.  As the sauce thickens, the flavours become addictively sweet and spicy.  Pull the pork apart with a fork and pile high on a regular or whole wheat buns (provided).  Mmmm! (Slow Cooker)  Kids 3 of 3, Asmb 2 of 3, Home 1 of 3.

Potato Topped Chicken Casserole (oven)

Comfort food at it's best! Succulent cubes of chicken breast and carrots mix in a brothy sauce with fresh thyme and a bit of onions and grainy mustard.  This is all topped with mashed potatoes and loads of cheese - mmmmmm.  (Oven) (Gluten Free Option)Kids 3 of 3, Asmb 2 of 3, Home 1 of 3

Rosemary Butternut Pasta Shells (oven-Vegetarian)

The perfect way to get your family to eat and love squash! A unique creation of pasta shells stuffed with a butternut squash mixture and covered in a rosemary mushroom cream sauce.  Although this one is a little bit of extra work to assemble, we continue to have requests to bring it back! Unbelievably delicious, very healthy and addictive! GLUTEN FREE OPTION Kids 3 of 3, Asmb 2 of 3, Home 3 of 3.

Shrimp with Peanuts & Pasta (stovetop)

Plump shrimp, onion, red pepper, cilantro and a little spinach are combined with a peanut ginger sauce and tossed with pasta.  An incredible combination of flavours that even the pickiest eater will love.  (Stovetop) Kids 2 of 3, Asmb 1 of 3, Home 2 of 3. GLUTEN FREE OPTION  287cal; 8g fat; 1028mg sodium; 36g carbs; 3g fibre; 22g protein; 6pts WW

Succulent Salmon (BBQ or Oven)

This one makes the top three list for Dinner Factory customer favorites! Large salmon fillets marinate in a sweet and spicy sauce that will explode on your taste buds.  Kids love this one as much as adults!  Serve with Jasmine or brown rice (provided) and a fresh green salad.  Also great as a hot or cold appetizer, along side a selection of crackers. (Oven)   Due to the high cost of salmon, a $10 premium will be added to your order when choosing this item.  Kids 3 of 3, Asmb 1 of 3, Home 1 of 3, (GLUTEN FREE OPTION) 265 calories/24g fat/818mg Sodium/4g carbs/0g fibre/9g protein/7 WW pts

Tumbleweed Chicken  & Gourmet Mushroom Risotto (Oven)

Six chicken breasts are tenderized and rolled around picante salsa, low fat cream cheese and fresh cilantro, and then tumbled in breadcrumbs.  One of your favorite Dinner Factory meals, these are luscious and low fat, and bake easily and quickly in the oven.  Great with our Gourmet mushroom risotto. (included)Kids 3 of 3, Asmb 3 of 3, Home 1 of 3, (Gluten Free Option)191 Calories/3g Fat/185mg Sodium/10g Carbs/1g Fibre/20g Protein/4 WW Pt



Baked Three Cheese Ziti (oven)

A classic American Italian dish with luscious layers of cheese and sour cream baked inside; perfect comfort food, that the entire family will love.  We suggest you serve this meal with a crisp Romaine salad, a crusty baguettini (included)  and a nice glass of Chianti.  (Oven)    (Gluten Free Option)Kids 3 of 3, Asmb 2 of 3, Home 1 of 3425cal;20g Fat; 985mg Sodium; 5g fibre; 18g Protein; 48g Carbs;12WW pts

Canadian Maple Stew (oven or slow cooker)

This fantastic stew showcases Canadian ingredients like maple syrup, turnips, parsnips and cubes of beef, all in a light orange juice broth that is slow roasted in the oven. Serve with fresh, warm baguettini (provided).  (Oven)  (Gluten Free Option)Kids 2 of 3, Asmb 1 of 3, Home 1 of 3. Gluten Free Option 323cal; 3g Fat;558mg sodium;44g carbs; 4g fibre; 31g protein;6pts

Coconut Crusted Chicken (oven)

Enjoy the best Thailand flavors - tender chicken breasts marinate in lemon grass, coconut milk, curry and sesame oil and then are topped with coconut.  Enjoy with steamed Asian peas (included).  This meal looks very impressive when plated and is decadent dining  (Oven) Kids 3 of 3, Asmb 1 of 3, Home 2 of 3342 Cal;19g Fat;102mg Sodium;4g Carbs;2g Fibre;35g Sugar; 35g Protein;8WW Pts

Garlic and Cheddar Chicken w/Rice Pilaf

This is a great meal for during the week when the kids are going in all different directions. Chicken breasts dipped in garlic butter and cheddar bread crumbs. Never any leftovers. Served with Rice Pilaf. Gluten Free option Kids 3of3, Asmb 1of3, Home 2of3

Honey Hoisin Chicken (stovetop)

Boneless skinless chicken breasts are flavoured through a generous marinade of hoisin sauce, honey, garlic, white wine and even a touch of Jalapeno to add some zing!  Serve alongside the Dinner Factory's Asian ginger peas(provided) for a great meal.  Gluten Free Option  Kids 3 of 3, Asmb 1 of 3, Home 2 of 3. 230 cal;2g Fat; 847mg sodium; 22g carb;.7g Fibre; 26g Protein; 5WW pts

Indian Butter Chicken (stovetop)

A Dinner Factory customer favorite! Made with boneless skinless chicken thighs, this version is full of wonderful fragrant spice flavours, but not spicy-hot.  The rich sauce is made creamy with pureed cashews and yogurt. Mmmm! Serve with naan bread (included) and you'll have a dinner to delight in! (Stovetop)  Kids 2 of 3, Asmb 2 of 3, Home 2 of 3. (Gluten Free Option)303 Cal;11g Fat; 549mg Sodium; 11g Carbs; 1g fibre; 41g Protein; 7pts WW

Mediterranean Feta Chicken Wrap (stovetop)

Marinated pieces of moist chicken breast, balsamic vinegar, lemon, sauteed red onion and bell peppers, couscous, feta and black olives (optional) come together in warm tortillas (regular or whole wheat, included) - delicious comfort food at it's best!  Kids 3 of 3, Asmb 1 of 3, Home 2 of 3

Millionaire Manicotti (oven)

Why do they call it "Millionaire"?  Because this dish is rich!  Manicotti tubes are stuffed with a very rich cheese and Italian sausage mixture, topped with a tangy tomato sauce and more cheese.  Fancy enough for company.  We suggest serving with fresh tossed salad - and some excellent red wine. Kids 3 of 3, Asmb 3 of 3, Home 1 of 3 (1/12th of pan) 545 Cal; 36g Fat; 1077mg Sodium; 32g Carbs; 2g Fibre; 25g Protein; 13pts WW

Mustard and Sage Pork Chops

Naturally- raised pork chops are cooked in a flavourful sauce combination of sage, onion, garlic and Dijon mustard.  Serve along with a sliced, oven baked baguettini (provided) and some steamed asparagus for a quick gourmet meal, any night of the week. (Stovetop)  Kids 2 of 3, Asmb 2 of 3, Home 2 of 3.   

Popeye Pasta (oven)

This is by far one of our most popular family dishes! It is always a great stand-by in the freezer and offers excellent protein for your athletes!  A creamy spinach and cheese mixture is combined with noodles, topped with a rich tomato-meat sauce and sprinkled with parmesan cheese.  A hit with kids (really!) and grownups alike.  Just add a simple salad for a healthy and easy meal. (Oven) Kids 3 of 3, Asmb 2 of 3, Home 1 of 3. Gluten Free Option Available(for 1/9th of a pan) 499cal/28g fat/1105mg sodium/32g carbs/2g fibre/28g protein/12WW pts

Prawns with Caribbean Rum Marinade

"This meal made our daughter decide that she actually loves shrimp!" Large plump shrimp soaked in a rum, vanilla, cinnamon, ginger and garlic marinade and then grilled.  We suggest serving shrimp with baby greens and angel hair pasta (included) follow with Key lime pie... A little trip to the islands without leaving home!  (Oven broiler or grill)  Kids 2 of 3, Asmb 1 of 3, Home 2 of 3167 cal/5g fat/220mg sodium/104g carbs/1g fibre/18g protein/4 WW pts

Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake

A rich creamy combination of pumpkin and vanilla cheesecake swirled together for dramatic effect.  This one is sure to impress everyone from family to friends to co-workers.  (Oven)  NEW  Kids 3 of 3, Asmb 2 of 3, Home 2 of 3.

Sweet and Sassy Chicken Stir-Fry (stovetop)

This is the BEST chicken stir fry you will ever have!  Chicken breast pieces are stir-fried with red bell peppers, mushrooms, carrots, ginger, garlic and almonds (optional) in a sweet and sour sauce that is out of this world! Serve along with either Jasmine or brown rice (provided) for an easy oriental style meal.Kids 3 of 3, Asmb 2 of 3, Home 2 of 3. 457 Calories, 25g Fat, 826mg sodium, 34g carbs, 6g fibre, 27g proteins, 10 pts

Tandoori Salmon with a Twist (stovetop)

The comforting light spices of Indian BBQ flavour a perfect salmon fillet.  But it's not over it with a lime coconut butter sauce and need we say more.  This scrumptious meal is certainly company worthy but not so crazy that your kids won't love it too!  Serve over coconut rice (included).  Due to the current high market price of salmon, a $10 premium charge will be added to your meal when choosing this dish  (Stovetop) Kids 3 of 3, Asmb 2 of 3, Home 2 of 3


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Dinner Factory wants to give you all the information you need to choose the meals that are the best fit for you and your family - so we've developed some rating systems to give you more information about the meals you are choosing!  We have not made any changes to our typical mix of menu items - we're just letting you know a bit more about each choice.

KIDS Ratings!  We're trying to help you decide which of our meals your kids might like best. 

KIDS 3 of 3 - almost every kid will love these ones

KIDS 2 of 3 - most kids will like this, maybe not for your picky eater 

KIDS 1 of 3 - still delicious but likely has a few ingredients that many kids don't typically like, for example curry, spinach, or chili

ASMB (Assembly) Ratings!  This rating tells you how much time it is going to take you to assemble this meal in our store.  Some customers want to get many meals made in a short amount of time, and other customers love to take their time and make an afternoon or evening of it.  That's why we don't put a time limit on your session - we want you to relax and have fun, and most importantly do it your way!

ASMB 1 of 3 - you'll get this meal together in 5-10minutes!  Usually involves one or two ziplocs at most.

ASMB 2 of 3 - you'll assemble this meal in about 10-12minutes.  Maybe one or two ziplocs with the peel of a lemon, or maybe 3 or 4 ziplocs, or some light mixing.

ASMB 3 of 3 - you'll assembly this meal in 12-20 minutes.  This is your stuffing, rolling and skewering type of dishes.  They all come with complete instructions and staff assistance, but sometimes a great meal takes time!

HOME Ratings!  This is the amount of effort the meal will take you to cook at home.  Be aware though that usually the easiest meals (put in oven and forget) take about twice as long to cook as the not-as-mindless meals that are browned and/or simmered on the stove top.  For exact cooking instructions for each meal, check our "Cooking/Nutrition" from the blue menu bar above. 

HOME 1 of 3 - These are the "comes in the foil pan, throw it in the oven and forget about it for 50 minutes" meals.  Also included are "throw it in the crockpot in the morning" meals, and the "throw it on the BBQ, turn it, and serve it" meals.

HOME 2 of 3 - These are the more average "have the meal simmering in one pot and the rice or pasta boiling in another pot" meals.  Nothing too crazy.

HOME 3 of 3 - These are the ones that get a bit crazy if you're not completely comfortable in your kitchen.  But we make double sure they are super delicious and worth every bit of effort.

gfo - means "Gluten Free Options" are available.  Just let us know you will need the alternative ingredients to be ready at your session by putting "gfo please" in the Comment Box on the last page of your online order process.  For those with severe allergies, we unfortunately cannot guarantee any item to be completely free of gluten, due to the nature of our business.