June Menu

A menu full of family favorites...treat the kids to food that pleases them but be proud to serve them healthy alternatives to fast food or eating out at a restaurant!


Aussie Chicken

This meal received overwhelmingly favorable reviews in February so we decided to put it on the menu so you can share it with guests or enjoy it as a family special treat in June! Naturally raised chicken breasts are perfectly marinated,coated in a honey mustard sauce and baked with mushrooms, bacon, and cheese. Serve with spinach linguine (included) and a crisp white wine for an unforgettable meal! Kids 3of3, Asmb 2of3, Home 2of3 813Cal, 153 chol, 1.5g Fibre, 1807mg Sodium, 57g Carb, 46g Fat, 42g Protein

Capelli with Prawns in a Creamy Tomato Sauce (stovetop)

The name says it all -mmmm!  Angel hair pasta is topped with luscious prawns cooked in a fantastic tomato sauce.  This sauce has been enhanced with a dash of cream and a dash of sweet vermouth, perfectly bringing out the natural sweetness of the tomatoes!  Serve with a papaya and avocado salad and a refreshing glass of Pinot Grigio. GLUTEN FREE  Kids 1 of 3, Asmb 2 of 3, Home 2 of 3. 477Cal;14g Fat;274 mg Sodium;41g Carbs;2g Fibre;18g Protein;10WW pts

Chicken and Spinach Enchilada (Oven)

Fantastic meal! So much spinach...we loved it!" A wonderful combination of chicken cubes, spinach, kernel corn, Monterey jack cheese and sauce is rolled in flour tortillas which are then baked covered in a fabulous tomato, garlic, onion sauce and topped with additional cheese.  Don't count on having any leftovers! Gluten Free Option  Kids 3 of 3, Asmb 2 of 3, Home 1 of 3.

Chicken Ceasar Casserole

Customers have asked us to bring this meal back. A Fresh spin on Ceasar salad! This hearty, delicious one dish casserole combines flavors of chicken, ceasar salad, pasta,green beans, red peppers and a zest of lemon. Kids 30f3, Asmb 1of3, Home 1of3
504 Cal, 39g Protein, 38g Carbs, 3g Fibre, 4g Sugar, 21g Fat, 1100mg sodium- SINGLE SERVINGS AVAILABLE


Chicken Parmesan (oven)

BEST SELLER! Boneless, skinless naturally-raised chicken breasts are marinated in an Italian vinaigrette and then covered in a mixture of seasoned bread crumbs, parmesan cheese, paprika, additional spices and baked in a layer of delicious marinara sauce.  You tell us that this is the best Chicken Parmesan you've ever had!  Serve with your choice of regular or whole wheat spaghetti (included) and pair with a glass of Zinfandel.   Kids 3 of 3, Asmb 2 of 3, Home 1 of 3 Gluten Free Option 357 cal; 10g fat; 1434mg sodium; 26g carbs; 1g fibre; 38g protein; 8pts

Chocolate Caramel Sensation Ice Cream Cake

This ice cream cake looks and tastes so fantastic, no one will know how easy it was to put together!  Pieces of ice cream sandwich, skor bars, chocolate caramel icecream and a drizzle of caramel sauce make up this fantastic cake.  Great for kids or adults, birthday parties or no occasion at all!  (Freeze)  Kids 3 of 3, Asmb 3 of 3, Home 1 of 3.

Florentine Lasagna Rolls (Vegetarian-oven)

A Dinner Factory customer favorite, creamy ricotta and mozzarella cheeses are mixed with spinach and rolled into lasagna noodles topped with delicious marinara sauce!  This is a satisfying vegetarian dish that cooks up quick and easy, and would be great with a side Caesar salad. Or order downsized and you will have the perfect side dish to any meal!(Oven)- SINGLE SERVINGS AVAILABLE)   Kids 3 of 3, Asmb 3 of 3, Home 1 of 3

(for 1 &1/2 rolls) 279cal/13g fat/522mg sodium/28g carbs/ 1g fibre/ 25g protein/5 WW pts

Jerk Chicken with Tropical Rum Glaze (oven & stovetop)

Take yourself on a little Caribbean taste vacation!  Succulent chicken breasts are rubbed with 8 flavourful herbs and spices and then glazed with a brown sugar, butter, rum and pineapple glaze...Yum!  Not hot spicy but you can add some heat if you like!  our customers have rated ths "outstanding". Serve over white or brown rice (included).  (Oven and stovetop)  Kids 2 of 3, Asmb 1 of 3, Home 2 of 3, (Gluten Free Option) 356cal;13g fat; 730mg Sodium; 16g carb; .7g fibre; 38g Protein 8WW pts

Maui Beef Short Ribs (Oven or BBQ)

These ribs have incredible flavour that our Dinner Factory customers have consistently rated as OUTSTANDING! Ginger, garlic, sesame oil and other wonderful things make a marinade that tenderizes these beef ribs to perfection.   Serve with Asian peas(included). Gluten Free Option Kids 3 of 3, Asmb 1 of 3, Home 1 of 3 359cal/20g Fat/1011mg Sodium/12g Carbs/0g Fibre/32g Protein/9Ww pts

Mozza Stuffed Burgers

You gave these burgers such rave reviews, we put them on the menu TWICE last summer!  These are tasty, juicy burgers with a twist - melted mozzarella hidden in the center of each moist and delicious burger!  The kids will be delighted with this fun treat, served up quickly in buns (provided) and perhaps with a slice of tomato and lettuce.  (BBQ, campfire or Oven)  Kids 3 of 3, Asmb 2 of 3, Home 1 of 3.

Pulled Pork on a Bun

Avoid turning on the oven, come home to a delicious slow cooked meal.  The comforting smells of roast pork, onions and peppers combined with a barbeque style sauce will have your senses in overdrive.  Serve on warm crusty baguettini (provided), perhaps with a crisp green salad. (Slow cooker)  Kids 3 of 3, Asmb 1 of 3, Home 1 of 3.

Spectacular Sunset Chicken (oven or BBQ)

A colourful sunset just might taste this good!  Boneless, skinless chicken breasts soak up a beautiful marinade of lemon juice, paprika, honey & spices.  These cook quickly on your grill or broiler.    We have paired this with our gourmet Mushroom Risotto to make a beautiful meal ready for guests! Add some Asian green peas or seasoned green beans (available from our freezer section) for a picturesque and perfect meal.  Kids 2 of 3, Asmb 1 of 3, Home 2 of 3.

Succulent Pork Tenderloin with Cognac Cream Sauce

Succulent pork tenderloins rubbed with perfect spices like cumin, crushed peppercorns, and a hint of sugar to caramelize.  And this is all topped with a sauce of heavy cream and cognac.  Mmmmmm!  Serve with white or brown rice (included).  (Stovetop) NEW! Kids 1 of 3, Asmb 2 of 3, Home 3 of 3

Teriyaki Salmon (Grill)

Heart healthy salmon is soaked in an Asian-inspired marinade that combines honey with fresh chopped garlic and ginger.   A simple but flavour filled meal that grills up quickly.  Delicious served over wild rice with grilled lemon garlic zucchini planks. (Included) Due to the high cost of salmon this meal has a $10 premium on each order. For 6 servings:18.9g Fat,166mg Chol,755 mg Sodium, 11.6g Carb,.7g Dietary Fibre, 65.5g Protein  478 Calories





July Menu

This menu is designed to give you lots of options for camping, or potlucks or perfect compliments to a BBQ steak dinner with friends.


Bacon & Cheddar Burgers (Grill or BBQ)

Wow, this burger received so many rave reviews in May that we've decided to bring them back! Amazing! Flavourful! Best Burger I've ever had! are just some of the comments we have received about this recipe. Bacon & Cheddar in the burger - need we say more. Make sure you order two meals because everyone will want seconds! Full size makes 8 burgers! Serve on regular/whole wheat buns included. BBQ, Campfire/Oven  Kids 3of3, Asmb 1 of 3, Home 1 of 3

Balsamic Pork Tenderloin (oven)

This very lean and delicious cut of pork is stuffed with slivers of garlic and rubbed with a balsamic vinegar, olive oil and herb rub.  Ready to eat in less than 30 minutes, this is one that has been brought back to Dinner Factory by popular request! Serve with mushroom & pea rice pilaf (provided) and perhaps some steamed vegetables.   Kids 3 of 3Asmb 3 of 3, Home 1 of 3GLUTEN FREE 207 cal/7g fat/455mg sodium/1g carbs/0g fibre/32g protein/5 WW pts

Gluten Free

Chicken Cacciatore

This is the best chicken cacciatore we've ever had!  Chicken breast is cubed and sauteed with mushrooms, celery, and carrots in a tangy tomato sauce:  less than an hour on the stovetop and dinner is ready!  Serve over tri-colored vegetable fusilli pasta (provided). (Stovetop) Kids 3 of 3, Asmb 1 of 3, Home 2 of 3.  163 Cal/4g Fat/338mg Sodium/12g Carbs/3g Fibre/21g Protein/3WW pts

Double Crunch Honey Garlic Chicken Breast (stovetop)

This meal has received "outstanding" reviews! It's all about the perfect blend of spices to season these lightly breaded naturally raised chicken breasts, which you cook on the stovetop. The chicken is then dipped in  our super special Honey Garlic sauce that will take your taste buds for an "over the top" delicious ride. We will provide our Cream style corn to go alongside these flavorful chicken breasts.(provided) (Gluten Free Option)Kids 3of3, Asmb 1of3 Home 2of 3

Ginger Beef Stirfry (stovetop)

We can't believe how many requests we get for this meal!  Have a great Chinese meal in the comfort of your own home with fabulous crispy ginger beef  Nothing is more addictive than loads of fresh ginger, garlic, and soy sauce flavouring thin strips of beef. This meal comes with Asian egg noodles! We've added fortune cookies just for fun!  (Stovetop) (Gluten Free Option)Kids 3 of 3, Asmb 2 of 3, Home 3 of 3 Gluten Free 429 cal; 13g Fat; 612mg Sodium; 56g Carbs; 1g Fibre; 21g protein; 9 WW pts

Indian Butter Chicken (stovetop)

A Dinner Factory customer favorite! Made with boneless skinless chicken thighs, this version is full of wonderful fragrant spice flavours, but not spicy-hot.  The rich sauce is made creamy with pureed cashews and yogurt. Mmmm! Serve with naan bread (included) and you'll have a dinner to delight in! (Stovetop)  Kids 2 of 3, Asmb 2 of 3, Home 2 of 3. (Gluten Free Option)303 Cal;11g Fat; 549mg Sodium; 11g Carbs; 1g fibre; 41g Protein; 7pts WW

Italian Herb-Crusted Pork Chops

Wow your family or guests with this easy yet elegant pork dish.  Savory herbs encase boneless pork chops browned and then simmered in a white wine pan sauce.  Serve with our Creamy dilled carrots (included), weeknights never tasted so good.  (Stovetop)  Kids 2 of 3, Asmb 2 of 3, Home 2 of 3, (Gluten Free Option)

Lemon Dill Vodka Salmon Capellini

This one will knock your socks off!  Fresh salmon seasoned with lemons, grilled and flaked into a creamy lemony, dill sauce poured over Capellini pasta.  The flavour is amazing.  We suggest serving with crusty bread and a mescaline salad drizzled with olive oil and lemon - the perfect accompaniment.   (Grill & Stovetop)

New Orleans Praline Chicken (Stove/oven)

Create fine dining on your stovetop in minutes with our all natural chicken breasts cooked until golden brown and covered in a pecan/praline glaze and  creole/cajun seasoning to create the perfect combination of sweet and spicy flavours. Serve alongside basmati or brown rice (included) and steamed broccoli in order make an easy and nutritious dinner (Gluten Free Option)Kids 2of3, Asmb 1of3, Home 2of3  723Cal;34gProtein;86gCarb;4g Fibre;40gSugar;27g Fibre;122mg Sodium

Decadent Peanut Butter Frozen Delight(Order downsize but receive a full size dessert)

This fantastic dessert combines that perfect pairing of chocolate and peanut butter, condensed milk, and cream cheese in a large foil pan, lined with an oreo crumb crust.  Topped with a made-from-scratch chocolate drizzle, this is served from frozen...perfect for EASTER DINNER or for any surprise guests, or an upcoming birthday party! (Freeze)  Kids 3 of 3, Asmb 3 of 3, Home 1 of 3. This is undoubtedly a favorite dessert of everyone who takes a bite! 

Sweet Mango Prawn Curry (stovetop)

Full of texture and taste, this dish requires only a bit of stirring to produce smells that will bring the family to the table.  Prawns, sweet potatoes, butternut squash and mango with a very mild Thai red curry spice make this a wonderful meal.  You will be craving the leftovers the next day!  Serve over Jasmine or brown rice (provided). Kids 2 of 3, Asmb 1 of 3, Home 2 of 3. 330 Cal/15g Fat/826mg Sodium/37g Carbs/4g Fibre/14g Protein/7WW pts

Tasty Taco Stew (Crockpot or stovetop)

This meal has received rave reviews - a wonderful twist on stew, enjoyed by all ages! "!Ground beef, onions, tomatoes, corn, a variety of beans and our own seasoning mix go into your crockpot in the morning.  That evening, just lift the lid and this delicious colourful dinner is served!  We suggest topping with shredded cheddar cheese or sour cream and serving with fresh bread for dipping.  When we first introduced this recipe it received "Two-Thumbs Up" by all who shared reviews. Perfect as a replacement for chilli! This meal comes with Taco shells that you can break up and serve with Lettuce, tomatoes and grated cheese!(Crockpot or stovetop- SINGLE SERVINGS AVAILABLE) Kids 3of3, Asmb 1of3, Home 1of3

Thai Peanut Chicken Wraps (stovetop)

Add some flavor to your life!  Small pieces of naturally raised succulent chicken breast, peas and carrots are marinated in garlic, honey, lemon and a hint of curry.  These are wrapped in a regular or whole wheat tortilla with some rice and a scrumptious peanut sauce!  (Stovetop)  (Gluten Free Option)Kids 2 of 3, Asmb 1 of 3, Home 2 of 3
540Cal; 38g Protein;8g Fibre;6g Sugar;688mg Sodium

Tumbleweed Chicken  & Gourmet Mushroom Risotto (Oven)

Six chicken breasts are tenderized and rolled around picante salsa, low fat cream cheese and fresh cilantro, and then tumbled in breadcrumbs.  One of your favorite Dinner Factory meals, these are luscious and low fat, and bake easily and quickly in the oven.  Great with our Gourmet mushroom risotto. (included)Kids 3 of 3, Asmb 3 of 3, Home 1 of 3, (Gluten Free Option)191 Calories/3g Fat/185mg Sodium/10g Carbs/1g Fibre/20g Protein/4 WW Pt


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Dinner Factory wants to give you all the information you need to choose the meals that are the best fit for you and your family - so we've developed some rating systems to give you more information about the meals you are choosing!  We have not made any changes to our typical mix of menu items - we're just letting you know a bit more about each choice.

KIDS Ratings!  We're trying to help you decide which of our meals your kids might like best. 

KIDS 3 of 3 - almost every kid will love these ones

KIDS 2 of 3 - most kids will like this, maybe not for your picky eater 

KIDS 1 of 3 - still delicious but likely has a few ingredients that many kids don't typically like, for example curry, spinach, or chili

ASMB (Assembly) Ratings!  This rating tells you how much time it is going to take you to assemble this meal in our store.  Some customers want to get many meals made in a short amount of time, and other customers love to take their time and make an afternoon or evening of it.  That's why we don't put a time limit on your session - we want you to relax and have fun, and most importantly do it your way!

ASMB 1 of 3 - you'll get this meal together in 5-10minutes!  Usually involves one or two ziplocs at most.

ASMB 2 of 3 - you'll assemble this meal in about 10-12minutes.  Maybe one or two ziplocs with the peel of a lemon, or maybe 3 or 4 ziplocs, or some light mixing.

ASMB 3 of 3 - you'll assembly this meal in 12-20 minutes.  This is your stuffing, rolling and skewering type of dishes.  They all come with complete instructions and staff assistance, but sometimes a great meal takes time!

HOME Ratings!  This is the amount of effort the meal will take you to cook at home.  Be aware though that usually the easiest meals (put in oven and forget) take about twice as long to cook as the not-as-mindless meals that are browned and/or simmered on the stove top.  For exact cooking instructions for each meal, check our "Cooking/Nutrition" from the blue menu bar above. 

HOME 1 of 3 - These are the "comes in the foil pan, throw it in the oven and forget about it for 50 minutes" meals.  Also included are "throw it in the crockpot in the morning" meals, and the "throw it on the BBQ, turn it, and serve it" meals.

HOME 2 of 3 - These are the more average "have the meal simmering in one pot and the rice or pasta boiling in another pot" meals.  Nothing too crazy.

HOME 3 of 3 - These are the ones that get a bit crazy if you're not completely comfortable in your kitchen.  But we make double sure they are super delicious and worth every bit of effort.

gfo - means "Gluten Free Options" are available.  Just let us know you will need the alternative ingredients to be ready at your session by putting "gfo please" in the Comment Box on the last page of your online order process.  For those with severe allergies, we unfortunately cannot guarantee any item to be completely free of gluten, due to the nature of our business.