We take pride in our ingredients!  We use local products whenever we can find them.  Why?  Because the less distance they have to travel to get to your plate, the fresher and healthier they'll be - and our dollars are going directly to the quality of the ingredient, not to pay for the gas to get them here!  Our meat (pork, bison, chicken, alpaca, beef and turkey) is all from local Alberta farms (within 100 miles of St. Albert), and all naturally raised.  That means it doesn't contain hormones, anti-biotics, soy fillers, extra water or sodium.  Taste the difference!

Dinner Factory's Ingredient Philosophy

to use the highest quality ingredients that are available at reasonable prices, using local ingredients whenever possible

-to minimize the environmental damage caused by long distance shipping

-to ensure your food dollar is going to good quality foods, and not to large administrations, shipping, middlemen, etc.

-local ingredients are also most likely to be the freshest and highest quality ingredients available, without preservatives and other additive chemicals

-to support local businesses, including local producers and local farmers in your community

(Dinner Factory is not the only company with this philosophy - check out the Slow Food Movement at www.slowfood.com)


Some local producers that provide your Dinner Factory ingredients:

naturally-raised whole chicken and eggs supplied by Warburg

Naturally raised alpaca from Belle Valley Farms of Morinville.

Local, naturally-raised beef cut by Darcy's Meats of Edmonton


Sausage and back bacon supplied and dry cured by Irving Fresh Farms of Round Hill.