Host a Private Party at the Dinner Factory!!


Entertain your friends with your own private party!


Bring your own drinks and appetizers, and host your friends with an evening of fun and laughter as you “cook” together!  Here's how a private party works:

1)  Email ( or phone (780-470-3463) the Dinner Factory with a few potential dates and times for your party.  One of our friendly staff at the Dinner Factory will let you know which of your preferred dates are available, and you pick a date!

2)  You will receive an email from the Dinner Factory that explains all the details about Private Parties, and includes an email you can just forward to all your invitees!  Just forward the email to everyone you know!  (Below is an example of the email you would receive.) 

3)  Call or email the Dinner Factory a couple of weeks before your party to see how many people have registered - just so you know which stragglers to chase down!

4)  Arrive at the Dinner Factory at the appointed time, have a great time with your friends, and enjoy the rewards of hosting a successful party!




We are pleased to confirm your private party at the Dinner Factory for Thursday, December 10, from 6:30pm-9:30pm!
Below is an email you can forward to your invitees for your party.  Just:
  • hit "Forward"
  • delete what's written up here, and
  • change any of the wording below as you like, to suit your group. 
  • erase the part about bringing wine if you're not planning to get a private party liquor license ($12.50 with your liquor purchase at any liquor store).
Also attached is our current menu and an order form for you to print and handout, for those in your group who may prefer this to ordering and paying on our website. 
Some information about the required size of your party:
  • Dinner Factory can accomodate a maximum of about 16 people making meals at once. 
  • If your party is during our peak hours (evenings after 5pm, or Saturdays), then to keep your party Private, your group will need to book a minimum total of 60 meals (this works out to 5 people booking 12 meals each, or 10 people booking 6 meals each, for example).  
  • If your group is not close to 60 meals booked at one week before your party, this is no problem!  We will turn the time slot into a Public Session and your guests' bookings can be transfered to this session (unfortunately a liquor license (wine) is not available with a Public Session). 
  • If your party is not during our peak hours, then there is no minimum number of meals.
  • Because usually not everyone you invite will be available on the same date, we suggest inviting 20 to 25 guests - you will then usually end up with a nice size party of 12-14 people. 
  • Our website will close off your party once you've reached 14 orders (or some other number you choose), so you don't have to worry about too many people coming - just let everyone know it's "first come, first served"!  This will also encourage your guests to register quickly, instead of waiting until the last minute.
You, as host, receive the following benefits (rounding up people is hard work!):
60 meals assembled by your group - hostess receives 10% off his/her meals
75 meals - hostess receives 25% off his/her meals
90 meals - hostess receives 50% off his/her meals and all party participants receive a free side dish of their choice!
Please give us a call if there's anything else we can do to help!
Live Deliciously,
Edward & Kim Wanat
Dinner Factory
(any Private Party inquiries can also be directed to Susan, at the same number)
email to forward to your invited friends and family:
We're having a fun and productive (making suppers while we drink wine!) private party at the Dinner Factory in St Albert! 
On Thursday, December 10 at 6:30PM, we are going to each make six, nine or twelve family sized meals (4-6 servings or downsized meals of 2-3 servings) to take home to our freezer to help us through those busy days!  Have a look at the delicious monthly menu for (name of month).
All you need to do is let the Dinner Factory know which meals you'd like to make!  (Either order and pay online at [start at "Login/Register"] or print and fax in the attached order form.)
Please forward this invitation to a friend or relative who may want to come too.
You can bring a bottle of wine if you like and/or some munchies!  We can take a maximum of 14 people at this party, so register now to ensure you get in! 
See you there!