Community Fundraising - DELICIOUSLY

Does your group want to raise funds for a worthy cause?  It's easy to do with Dinner Factory! 

Earn much-needed funds while providing your families with healthy, delicious and high quality meals.

Whether you are raising money for your favorite school or non-profit group, the Dinner Factory is committed to helping you help our community.

The Dinner Factory will:

  • Help you organize 2 or more “Fundraising Parties” at our store to kick start your 30-45 day program.
  • Provide your fundraising organizer with everything you’ll need to get started, including promotional materials, menus and order forms. 
  • Accrue a donation back to your organization equal to: $1 on downsized or $2 on fullsized for the first 60 meals, and $2 on downsized and $3 on fullsized for all meal orders after the first 60 meals purchased by ANY person that states they are supporting your cause.  

    A “meal” is any supper item, downsized = portions for 2-3 servings and fullsized for 4-6 servings.  All supper items qualify – they can be assembled at a Public Session or a Fundraising Party, they can be ordered for Pick Up, or bought on the spot from our Ready To Go selection!  Every meal counts – the customer just has to let us know that they’re supporting your cause!
  • Example: The average person purchases about 8 meals at every visit to our store.  If 30 people supporting your organization visit our store and purchase full sized meals, you would earn approximately: 30 x 8 meals = 240 meals, ($2 x 60) + ($3x 180) = $660!
    If 100 people supporting your cause visit our store, would could earn approximately:
    100 x 8 meals = 800 meals, ($2 x 60) + ($3x 740) = $2340

It’s so easy!! There’s no limit to how much your group can earn. Make it a yearly fundraising drive.  Contact us (470-3463 or to get a copy of the one-page agreement and get started today!